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Frequently asked questions


How do I find my photos?
Click “Browse Photos” in the menu bar at the top of the page, and then click on your event name.

Who is River Oak Photography?
Thanks for asking! We’re a photography studio in Athens, GA founded in 2008 by John and Kate Weatherford. We’re passionate about a few things, and only a few things: taking great pictures, giving you outstanding service, and making everything about the photographic process easy and fun.


How long will my photos be available?
We’ll store your photos online for free as long as we’re around. You’ll be able to order prints, look at your photos, and send links to them whenever you want. If this policy ever changes, we’ll notify you via email.

I think I might be missing some photos.
Most galleries feature more than one page of photos. You click the next arrows or use the arrow keys to navigate through your photos. If you still can’t find your photos, write to us at

Digital Downloads

How do I order digital downloads?
In your gallery, click the blue “Buy” button, and then choose “Buy Gallery Download.” From there, complete the checkout process, and you’ll have your downloads ready in no time!

What do I get when I order digital downloads?
We’ll prepare a ZIP file (almost any computer can open this file type) of all your full resolution files (as JPEG files). You may download this ZIP file as many times as you like for ten days. You’ll need to contact us if you need to download your photos again after ten days pass.

Can I print my files? Share them online?
Yes and yes! You can do anything with your photos that you could do with digital photos you took yourself. We can also send you a print release with your photos (just email us) in case a lab you use requires one.

Will my photos have a watermark?

Is my order secure?
Of course! SmugMug uses industry-leading encryption and security measure to make sure that your financial information remains secure.

I still have some questions. / I still need some help!
No worries! Send us an email at, and we’ll take care of you right away!


How do I order prints?
You order prints from within your gallery. Click the blue “Buy” button located above the large photo on the right side of the screen. From there, you can select your print size, crop your photos, add more photos to your cart, and check out securely through SmugMug, the company that provides our photo hosting and printing.

I need help with a print order.
Once you’ve placed an order with SmugMug, email, and they’ll get right back to you. We love partnering with SmugMug because they’re as passionate about great customer service as we are. If you need help before you’ve placed an order with SmugMug, write to us at


How do I order a composite?
To order a composite, visit

There’s a problem with my print!
Email with your order number, and they’ll take care of you right away—we promise.

I like my proof. What now?
Click the blue “Buy” button located above the large photo on the right side of the screen. From there, you’ll check out securely through SmugMug, the company that provides our photo hosting and printing.

Action Photos

Didn’t I already pay $12.50 for my photos?
The $12.50 event reservation fee you paid at the event covers the cost of reserving a photographer for your race, having us store and back up the photos, color correction, and online hosting—we sincerely apologize for any confusion. Now that your photos are online, you can order prints, composites, or digital downloads. And of course, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth for any reason, we’ll issue a full refund.

Team Photos

Do you take sibling / group photos?
Of course! When checking out, just select the “One child / sibling photo” option. We’ll take a photo of your siblings together and then deliver a single package (one set of downloads / prints) for the group. If you want a separate package (separate downloads / prints) for each sibling, just select the appropriate number of children / siblings from the menu.

I ordered a print package. Will prints be shipped to me or to my team / pool?
This is one of those questions where the answer really is “It depends.” We offer both arrangements, so you’ll need to check with your team parent or coach.


I think I’d like to book you for an event.
Awesome! Write to us at with the details of your event, and we’ll get right back to you.

How would booking you for an event work?
Our primary photographic arrangement is to provide photographic services, including a small retail table, as a free service for sporting events over 750 athletes. We also offer contract services, where we provide no retail setup. Coverage starts at $600 for one photographer for a four-hour event.

Why should I book you?
When you work with River Oak Photography, you’re working with a team of people who obsess over how to take the best sports photos and how to provide the best customer experience. We’ll worry about the cameras and lenses, friendly customer service, photo-taking, data archiving, image labeling, color balancing, online galleries, and email lists. All you’ll need to worry about is sending us an email at