Custom-designed, ultra-premium 16 x 20 inch posters.

This is big.

Put simply, composites offer
the perfect way to display your race.

You choose every detail of your poster: which photos go where, what the text reads, the featured colors. Then, we hand-craft each composite to your exact specifications.

Finally, each composite is printed full-bleed on a 16 x 20 inch sheet of lustre-finish Kodak Professional Supra Endura paper and shipped straight to your door.

Composites retail for $139, but when you order within a week of your event,
you pay just $99.

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Why you’ll love it

Our customers love their composites, plain and simple.

A composite makes a great way to commemorate a big achievement: a personal best, a new cut time, a win at a big meet, or the final meet of a great career.

Also, we’re proud that our composites are created by expert designers who work regularly with professional sports teams like the Atlanta Falcons. We think each swimmer deserves to feel like a star.

Finally, as with everything we do, we want you to love the final product. We offer you the chance to look over a proof of your design before we ship it so that you can be sure that every last detail is just right.

The perfect senior gift

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your senior class?
Look no further.

A composite for each senior on a team is a great way to send off your seniors into the future. We’ll visit your team early in the season for a free-of-charge shoot in which we’ll capture great photos of your senior swimmers in action, plus team and individual photos, too, if you’d like.

We’ll craft a unique poster for each senior and ship them all straight to you. Then, you can feature the prints at your pool throughout the year. Finally, you’re left with the perfect gift for each senior at the end of the season.

Ready to get started? Let us know!